Our workshop originated back in the distant year of 2017 through the fruitful collaboration of two individuals: Kostyantyn Kletsov and Volodymyr Prokopenko. Kostyantyn had been involved for many years in crafting leather gear for participants in the Historical Reenactment movement in Ukraine, while Volodymyr delved into history and oversaw the production of historical bronze castings for sajdak and sword belts. This union led to the creation of a whole series of quivers and sword belts with historically accurate suspension systems.

Although our primary focus is on crafting sajdak and sword belts for participants in traditional and equestrian archery, we also offer a variety of leather goods to our customers. These include various pouches and cases for both Historical Reenactment and modern use. Civilian belts made from leather and braided horsehair, holsters, ammo pouches, and other military-historical gear are also part of our offerings.